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Artist | Daniel Beeron
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Girramay Traditional Owner
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Daniel (Galaman) Beeron is a Girramay Traditional Owner of the Murray Upper area, near Cardwell, North Queensland. 

Daniel is an expert painter and weaver of Jawun cane baskets. He is also a gifted potter of Bagu and Bigin. Daniel first began working with ceramics in 2009.


True to his roots, he draws from his cultural heritage - evident in his use of traditional symbols and designs. His paintings feature soulful feather strokes in assorted tones. His sculptures, some standing over six feet tall, captivates audiences. Above all, the practice of weaving is especially meaningful to Daniel.


Forward thinking and adaptive, Daniel has also transferred his weaving skills over to unusual textiles, such as metal. He weaves for cultural continuum - to ensure that these precious methods survive throughout generations.

Daniel’s work is held in a number of collections. It was most recently acquired by the Australian Museum, Art Bank Collection and the University of Queensland Art Museum.

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